This Matronly Healer turned Bath Lurg into a true marvel of Neverwinter. She has plans...will you help her heal the city?


When Berta is in combat, she has three abilities

Berta’s Blessing (Healing) Aura 5
Any ally that starts its turn within the aura regains 5 hit points.

Cure Serious Wounds

You utter a simple prayer and gain the power to instantly heal wounds. Your touch suffuses you or a wounded creature with a bright silver light that restores health and vigor.

Encounter Divine, Healing
Standard Action Range 20

Target: You or one creature

Effect: The target regains hit points as if it had spent two healing surges.

Holy Cleansing

You channel healing energy into yourself or an ally, driving out disease and other ills.

Encounter Divine
Minor Action Close burst 5

Target: You or one ally in the burst

Effect: The target makes a saving throw with a +5 power bonus against each effect on him or her that a save can end. In addition, if the target suffers from a disease, he or she can spend a healing surge to improve the disease by 2 stages. The target regains no hit points for spending the healing surge. If the target is subject to a petrifying effect, that effect ends but the target loses any remaining healing surges.



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