Neverwinter: "What The Bold May Seize"

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Session 1

In this session our heros entered the city of Neverwinter with a traveling caravan, organized by Berta of Bath Lurg to find a special flower that only grows in an area where the veil between the fey wild and the material plane is thin.

They soon discovered the militia putting down a docker’s riot, with extra punishment for the water genasi in the city. The militia deployed some abnormal measures in the form of floating ‘Man o Wars’ with a rider and patrol. The Pc’s narrowly saved the people that live around Bath Lurg from a swift and brutal death, but in the process sent a burning gaseous Man o War into the wall separating the chasm from the city, bringing a portion of it down.

This also released a horrific spell scarred monster on the city.

Other points of note:
Berta extended an offer of refuge to the PC’s. “Use Bath Lurg as a home base, and help me with a few tasks now and again.”

The Pc’s met Old Tem who asked them to find a young water genasi named River. Turns out the Sons of Alagondar, a group of Neverwinter true bloods who want to see Neverwinter blood seated on the throne, and look to dispose of Lord Neverember.

There were visions of roses and broken swords brought on by a latent talent in the water Genasi named Vapor who lives in Bath Lurg. And a search has begun for the missing Erolyn, a sun elf that held high office in the new Neverwinter until recently. A hunt also continues as a mysterious drow, red wizard of Thay and ogre seem to be asking a few to many questions, and perhaps killing a few too many witnesses.

Session 2
Players: Jarris, Quarion, Ezrah

In this session our PC’s are sought out by a frantic Berta. “There are filthy Orcs at my door, and they are driving away my custom!”

In the courtyard of Bath Lurg a platoon of orcs, goblins, and gnolls decided to throw a picnic. A noisy, dog barbequing, feces throwing, urinating in the fountain, drum beating affair.

After several unsuccessful attempts to drive the orcs off, one including a magical curtain that was then used for the ultimate version of peek-a-boo on some innocent city folk, a plan was devised that stuck. An enormous shadowy python and ethereal spider manifest around the statue of Lurg while the water of the fountain boiled in anger. Fear took hold and a rout was almost guaranteed.

But the leader, one Kargath Bladefist held out.

And then hell really broke loose. A wizard’s apprentice, fleeing from his master with stolen items of power, came upon the dread conjuring, and lost his wit.

He dropped his rucksack and attempted to flee by magic, only to accidentally shatter a large sapphire that was the prison for a rather nasty looking demon. It shouted in triumph “Harken, now you will feel my wrath.”

Unraveling spells caused an outbreak of wild and chaotic magics, turning goblins into rabbits, rubble into grassy fields, and stone into candle wax, and of course transmuted the water of the fountain into a 6 headed hydra.



The pc’s ended the session confronted by an angry Kargath with a band of orcs in an alley near Oghma’s temple. “Now it’s time we have a little chat. No need to speak, my fist will do the talking.”

People met:

  • Kargath Bladefist and Co.
  • Wayfalcon Lawleaf and his platoon
  • Phim the tiefling apprentice
  • Amy: Berta’s Patient
  • Loremaster Atlavast of the house of knowledge

People behind the curtain:

  • Burke and Hare (Can be found in The House of a Thousand Faces)
  • The Mysterious magician who can verify truth through scraps of paper. His mark is a stylized quill. Berta says he knows the hidden truths of the city, but only presents himself to those with Neverwinter’s best interest at heart.
  • The Prophet Rohini running the Spell Plague Clinic at Helms Hold
  • Harken the wizard has an angry demon after him.

Plots Uncovered:

  • Kargath muttered something about a contract and payment for staging his noisome party.
  • Wayfalcon offered you 2,000 gp each for any information that can disrepute Kargath and knock him down a few pegs in the militia. He is too valuable on the chasm wall to kill, and technically that would be unlawful, but he is too much of a nuisance to let wander the streets unchecked.
  • After Kargath’s clothes were turned to dust by the cloud of wild magic, you noticed his skeleton was ridged and protruding. Very unusual. Berta later showed you Amy, who has a similar condition after being exposed to Spellplague energies. But while Amy’s body is chaotically transformed, Kargath’s was symmetrical as well as practical.
  • Berta revealed that she is attempting to find a “cure” for the Spell plague trapped in the Chasm. At the moment she is working on a cure for the symptoms and has successfully healed Amy, a young victim, who revealed that an Abberant monster is the cause for her transformation, and not bad luck and spellplague poisoning.
  • While searching the House of Knowledge you discovered signs that a Devil cult of Asmodeus is trying to summon devils in the stacks of the library. Loremaster Atlavast seems distraut at this fact but is also mad in his own right. Could be the loneliness or could be the Spell Plague. He mentioned how the sick might be lucky in that they are communicating with Oghma’s inner secrets and the madness is only an outward sign of the blessing.


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